Outcomes Driven

You’ve seen the examples of how the body heals itself – while you watch.

Perhaps the experience felt like magic. Why? Because the expectation was zero.

Healing is the default program of living things. Sometimes, healing stalls and waits for a bit of the “right” energy. The Varichrome® Therapy provides that bit of energy to restart healing. The photonic energy re-directs the body’s attention to awaken sleeping functions. Perhaps, like how a startle might end hiccups.

The body heals itself. Like with physical rehabilitation, the evidence is strongest when the patient no longer needs additional therapy.


Allan Gardiner

PhotoMed's founder and CEO formed a team in 2000 to solve "nothing works" chronic pain endured by his friends. The team developed real-time recording systems to help make the therapy more efficient. 6 issued U.S. Patents.

His previous startup, Kensington Laboratories, enabled Intel, AMD, and others to improve their defect-free throughput. The company exited for $320M.


Tai Huynh

Program Manager who guides software development to capture unpredicted events during therapy by the Instant Verification System. Tai and Allan have worked together since 2000 to develop engineering solutions for previously intractable medical problems, including impaired sensory, motor, skin temperature, and wound healing functioning. 1 issued U.S. patent.

Tai Picture Square.jpg

Steve Gerhardt

Software Engineer who thinks and dreams in code. We're fortunate that Steve gives the Instant Verification System its unique capabilities for prompting and documenting previously rare events. Since 2008.


Jeff Brown

Electronics Engineer who developed the electronics hardware and software in the prototypes and in the Vari-Chrome Pro. Jeff has worked in Allan's startups since 1985.


Jake Gardiner

Vice-president who brings organizational skills needed to keep PhotoMed running. Jake has worked at PhotoMed since 2003 and collected real-time data in the development studies. He has collaborated on many aspects of the studies. 1 U.S. Patent Application.



Julie Hamilton, M.D.

Emergency room, researcher, and provides advanced wound care in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. She has collaborated with Allan since 2015 from a clinician's perspective serving patients with challenging chronic wounds.

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Robert Hamilton, M.D.

Electrical and Computer engineer and M.D. who has collaborated with Allan since 2015 from an engineering perspective. He brings experience in emergency medicine and practice management.

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William Conard, M.D.

Anesthesiologist & Pain Specialist who was the PI in a PhotoMed development study in 2011-2017. His functional medicine patients with "nothing works" chronic pain and impaired functioning contributed to efficiency improvements in the Vari-Chrome Pro.

Conard Photo Square.jpg

Barry Linder, M.D.

Ophthalmologist and medical technology executive has collaborated with Allan since 2003. His experience with large data-collection systems helped keep scalability in mind while developing PhotoMed's methods and hardware.

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Alexander Ross Chiu, M.D.

Emergency Medicine and medical technology executive has collaborated with Allan since 2010. His company, Air Visits, brings international telemedicine access to care for patients wherever they are. Telemedicine and the Instant Verification System share synergy that will improve scalability of both companies.


Jean-Louis Lauront

Physics and Materials Science Engineer, founder of Innovidea SAS to bring advanced photonics solutions for environment and health. Collaborating since 2006.

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Catherine Willner, M.D. (Deceased 2022)

Neurologist advised energy medicine device companies for 25+ years. Dr. Willner was the PI in a PhotoMed development study in 2011. Her experience spans weird disorders of the nervous system and non-healing wounds that have responded to energy medicine devices. Dr. Willner collaborated on many of the foundational concepts for making the therapy and its delivery more efficient.


Robert E. Florin, M.D. (Deceased)

Neurosurgeon who made clinical observations and provided data reduction from 2003 - 2016. He was specifically interested in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), wound healing, and Huntington's impairments.