The Vari-Chrome Pro is a physical medicine device that emits visible wavelengths, a few at a time. The user may vary the wavelength and frequency during therapy. 7 pre-programmed selections automatically vary the wavelengths during therapy, adjust the rate of wavelength variation, and vary the frequency of the beam.

Vari-Chrome Pro

  • 1. The Vari-Chrome Pro device is FDA exempt as a physical medicine device. PhotoMed Technologies makes no claim for any use of the device or it to treat any disorder or disease.

    2. Prepaid Lease Option: For a limited time, a $5,000 payment prepays a 3-year lease including warranty.

    3. Not yet available: A monthly rental plan may become available to early adopters. Payments by bank transfer (i.e. Zelle) or by credit card (plus a 3.5% CC processing fee) at the end of each month. The early-bird rate of $TBD/mo. includes warranty. Taxes are to be added to the monthly rental. The tax amount, if any, is to be determined based upon the user location.

    4. Warranty and repairs may be made on an exchange basis.

    5. Taxes, if any, are not included.

    6. Pre-production units manufactured to order: del'y approx. 30 days after receipt of order